People with addiction problems usually have intense focus using certain substances even to the point it takes over their life in a very destructive way. While still knowing it will cause problems to them, they keep using it. Fortunately, there are various effective treatments which are available to everybody. This help is provided by many addiction and counseling services in best, professional, supportive and comprehensive way. With given appropriate treatment and intervention patients will be enabled to make healthy decisions about their lives.No matter the age, race or sex, we all deserve the right to lead normal and productive lives.

About Us

We believe it is very important to have support at any stage of addiction recovery.  Through proper community engagement, development, education and training our mission is to help people struggling misuse and addictive behavior disorders. Our mission is to build a quality relationship with patients based on a trust to provide best resources, advice, support, and judgment-free guidance. From experience, we find it as one of the most successful ways to help individuals utilize on their way to addiction recovery. If we are unable to meet your addiction treatment needs we will refer you to another facility in the area such as Palmer Lake Recovery or The Recovery Village Colorado. Our professional staff approach goes far beyond simply teaching, listening and offering advice. Empowering patients has a most important role in addiction struggle.


What We Do

We are full committed to providing high quality and comprehensive, professional substance abuse counseling for anybody with an addiction problem. As we believe the addiction recovery is a lifelong process we are devoted to helping patients begin this process with developing supporting systems to rebuild their lives.

Domestic Violence Counseling

Domestic Violence Counseling

Often individuals find themselves in situations consisted of verbal and physical expressions of anger due to the impact of the combination of abusing substances with underlying conditions and stress. This results with family problems, relationship issues to potentially harmful consequences for addict and people around him. This may be solved with the proper addressing of causes and anger management strategy.

Individual Counseling

Advantages of this type of therapy are various. With private sharing of patient’s story with all needed information, there is a great chance of closer examination of issues that cause substance abuse. Even schedule of the meeting is personalized and adjusted totally to needs of the patient.

Individual Counseling
Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Some people, on the other hand, do much better in a group setting. Listening to the others with similar problems can have great therapeutic effect while being aware that they are not alone. They recognize problem better and learn to deal with everyday stressors much better to prevent relapse.

Why Choose Us

With a comprehensive, compassionate and multidisciplinary approach to all the individuals in need, we offer the highest quality service and treatment with a guarantee of successful ending of each patient’s struggle. Our mission is to successfully return people with addiction problems to fulfilling lives and careers beside sustainable long-term recovery.


Over many years of counseling experience, we are in possess of great knowledge, skills, and service which will change every patient’s life for the better.


As being fully aware of how hard is to make that first decision of getting the help we are available to provide you any appointment as soon as you contact us.


With providing total non-judgment surrounding with full respect of patient’s condition, requests, and personal information, we believe it is possible to make most of the connection made with the individual.


Our plans for treatment and state of the art therapeutic techniques are primarily built on client’s strengths and weaknesses. With personalized attention, we achieve patient’s personal and emotional growth.


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